Old 66 station
Tue Dec 4, 2018 3:25am

Did they really fire everyone there?

    • Yes but they hired the snitch back.Anonymous, Fri Dec 14 1:33am
      Maybe if they would look her up on casenet, they wouldnt have turned a blind eye on her.
    • Re: Old 66 station Just me, Thu Dec 13 7:03pm
      If they would pay a decent pay, and get a clean older person,that works, they wouldn’t have so much trouble .keeping and trusting employees
    • Heard a couple Anonymous, Wed Dec 5 2:42pm
      Employees ratted another one out for stealing, so they fired everyone. Cant expect much with felons working there. Meth heads and thieves. Look them up on casenet. Glad they are gone.
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