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Re: Aww, are you mad bro?
Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:43pm

I have been locked and loaded since Slick Willy started this gun banning episode.

  • Aww, are you mad bro?Anonymous, Sun Jan 13 3:53pm
    Are you feeling a little silly for rushing out and stocking up on guns and ammo every time some pundit told you they were going to take your guns and absolutely nothing happened? I'm sure the "Thank... more
    • Re: Aww, are you mad bro? — MAGA, Sun Jan 13 4:43pm
      • Re: Aww, are you mad bro?The Nuge, Mon Jan 14 8:42am
        10 years ago I bought thousands of 22 before they jumped from 12 dollars to 50.
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