Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:35pm

I had to move from there, certain apartments have traffic to and from ALL hours of the night and nobody does nothing and dont care who they torment. The few good people who do live there need to move before the dea kicks all of their doors in.

  • Here is the sad thingAnonymous, Sat Mar 16 3:31pm
    The ones selling the stuff are known to the county.They usually have a lot of nice things but have never had a job.And even though they have nice things,they are usually beat up,and there is also... more
    • Dope — Anonymous, Sat Mar 16 4:35pm
      • Re: DopeAnonymous, Sun Mar 17 8:44am
        This county/town needs a truly anonymous tipline to bust some of these skid marks of society.
        • Re:Anonymous, Mon Mar 18 8:56pm
          They don't need a tip line the Sheriff knows exactly who is involved with the drugs.
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