LOL you mean like how Rafael Edward Cruz 'whitened' his?
Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:25pm

Where's the wall paid for by Mexico? Why isn't Hilary Clinton locked up? Where is the $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending? Why is the annual deficit increasing after the Tax and Jobs Act? Why is the ACA still the law of the land? Why is Rocket Man still developing nuclear weapons? Why haven't we "won" the trade wars with China/Mexico/Canada/etc?

Oh, maybe it's because Republicans are too busy acting like a bunch of petulant little broflakes and obsessing over stupid crap like peoples' childhood nicknames and genealogy to delivering on the promises they made in 2016.

  • CandidatesMAGA, Sat Mar 16 7:49am
    The Democrats have a losing group of candidates.The only one that has a chance at all is Joe Biden,trouble is he can not win,he has too much baggage. Some of the best candidates are Robert Francis... more
    • LOL you mean like how Rafael Edward Cruz 'whitened' his? — Anonymous, Sat Mar 16 6:25pm
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