Does it matter?
Mon Sep 9, 2019 12:04pm

What does it really matter?The corporation that owns Dollar General also owns dollar tree. Its all the same stuff.Its not creating 500 high paying union jobs for washington county.Their business will not be noticed if its booming or if it doesnt exist.It doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things.It actually doesnt register on the basic level.Im more worried about what to have for breakfast than some cheap chinese supply store.

  • anyone know the Real reason??kenboi22, Mon Sep 9 5:45am
    anyone that can provide the real truth to the hold up on the Dollar Tree? Not someone that heard this or that, I am looking for someone that can give exact truth to this? You would think that all... more
    • Does it matter? — Anonymous, Mon Sep 9 12:04pm
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