Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:44am

Thank God for the electoral college. If we didnt have it,New York City would be making decisions for Appalachian mountain people.We would just turn into a communist dictatorship in a few years.Wouldnt it be nice to live in a rural area and have some clown tell you how high your grass should be?Everyone who complains about Trump fails to realize,the last guy in there also had the house and the senate and could have passed bills to strengthen Unions and wages for Americans.He could have also done what Trump is doing,which is a sacrifice now for a better situation later.But all the last 5 presidents have done is kick the can down the road to the next guy.Democrats have embraced luciferianism,a guaranteed failed ideology.

  • really?kenboi22, Mon Sep 9 6:18am
    I think some people just like to bitch regardless of the issue. Working in the public you see many are just nice and go with the flow and then there are the ones that no matter what will gripe about... more
    • Majority? — Anonymous, Tue Sep 10 12:44am
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