Best thing that could happen to Potosi
Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:25am

is for someone to come in with a big Track Hoe and start leveling everything on High Street and MO Street including the Courthouse and about three blocks North on both sides of the road. Dis-incorporate the city property back over to County control. Then Kick Barry Brown, Tyler Juliette, Ron Britton and Mike Mcgirl out of town and revoke Walmarts business license and force them to close.

  • Issues with Potosikenboi22, Mon Sep 9 5:58am
    I really do like my town but there are things that need to be fixed. First, when we talk about mom and pop stores, I am all about private ownership but times have and are changing. Do not blame the... more
    • Best thing that could happen to Potosi — Anonymous, Tue Sep 10 8:25am
      • Re:Anonymous, Wed Sep 11 9:48am
        All those names you mentioned are the exact people that are keeping growth out of Potosi and Cadet and it's a crying shame that they have that much power. Need someone in here to get rid of them.... more
      • Thanks for the list of namesAnonymous, Tue Sep 10 5:18pm
        Now when, and if, I want something done I know who to go to. (switch to sarcasm font) It is also nice to know there are people like you who have thought things through and know just how to build up a ... more
    • Re: Issues with PotosiAnonymous, Mon Sep 9 11:54am
      It may be convienient,but it has come at a steep price for this whole country.It has taken away values.I remember as a young man when everything was closed on Sunday and only open for a few hours on... more
      • Old time service you got from storesBill, Sat Sep 14 11:05pm
        I remember going grocery shopping in Potosi. The grocery store checked it bagged it and even delivered it to your car and put it in your car for you. Gas stations washed your windsheild checked your... more
        • You CANNOT blame that on the store owner.Anonymous, Sun Sep 15 9:32am
          And at that time people weren't demanding $15 an hour. People were proud to work where ever they could. They were proud of the jobs they did. The average American wasn't on welfare and expecting the... more
          • People were the same as now Bill, Sun Sep 15 3:05pm
            Buissness got greedy and look at how to get rich fast. I wish everyone grew a garden and raised a few chickens and neighbors shared a milk cow . That might put the fear of God in some business then.... more
            • Speaking of bagging groceries and the like.Anonymous, Mon Sep 16 4:54pm
              Had yet another bad experience at the Potosi Walmart Inconvenience store last night. At about 5pm yesterday evening I went to the store and got some lunch meat sliced at the Deli and got milk and... more
              • Hold your ground .GirlBill, Tue Sep 17 2:19pm
                One must remember we do not work for Wal-mart. They will not lower the cost if you check yourself out. I stopped using Potosi when they remodeled to screw the customers over.
            • Government involvement is the main problem (nm)Anonymous, Sun Sep 15 9:08pm
          • Re: You CANNOT blame that on the store owner.Anonymous, Sun Sep 15 2:57pm
            The dollar had value then.It is so worthless now it is in the negatives.It takes 5 of todays dollars to equal 1 dollar in 1985
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