Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:48am

All those names you mentioned are the exact people that are keeping growth out of Potosi and Cadet and it's a crying shame that they have that much power. Need someone in here to get rid of them. That aren't afraid of them.. I loved it when the truck stop when in it must of burned their butt.

  • Best thing that could happen to PotosiAnonymous, Tue Sep 10 8:25am
    is for someone to come in with a big Track Hoe and start leveling everything on High Street and MO Street including the Courthouse and about three blocks North on both sides of the road.... more
    • Re: — Anonymous, Wed Sep 11 9:48am
    • Thanks for the list of namesAnonymous, Tue Sep 10 5:18pm
      Now when, and if, I want something done I know who to go to. (switch to sarcasm font) It is also nice to know there are people like you who have thought things through and know just how to build up a ... more
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