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Re: I miss the board, too
Wed Sep 3, 2014 12:41

The days where this board was flourished with posts as well as input, reading and learning tips others passed along sure has been missed.
Social media has some good points but in a very few I enjoy, It has become an easier place to stay in touch like Dave said, that for most it has replaced my time I spend on e/mail.
I agree with Dave, we met a long time ago through this web site here, (thanks to Bob & Jen ), I am friends with Dave`s wife and enjoy her posts on FB , she is a very talented artist and her work does give me inspiration & motivation to let my art flow in creation, but having to scroll through the "selfies" and drama that are posted is just enough, that is where the un-friend button has been my most "used key" a lot lately--
Being able to see pictures of others work and music shared is a plus there, but to get down into the real grit of facts and experience from the "school of hard knox" some of us have done for the last 40+ years, it all comes back to "full circle" here.
Good to see this page with posts again, I Enjoy every one of them, time to shut this down and spread some more paint, one stroke at a time.
S.E. Texas

  • I miss the board, tooDaveC., Tue Sep 2 08:13
    Grump, Jay..... I miss this board and the people on it, too. Facebook is killing a lot of things. Jay, my wife has a Facebook account, but I still won't create my own account. I don't know why, but I ... more
    • Re: I miss the board, tooJoey Madden, Wed Sep 3 23:57
      Yes, in our case facebook is an addiction where hundreds of artists from around the globe share photos of they're work, ask questions which are answered almost immediately and mostly, find out where... more
    • Re: I miss the board, too — Buddyroe, Wed Sep 3 12:41
      • Right on, Buddyroe!!DaveC., Wed Sep 3 15:43
        Buddy! I have lost touch with you, I apologize..... Facebook confuses me, I know I should create my own account, but it would just create another demand for time, and I don't have much to post,... more
    • Re: I miss the board, tooJay Horton's Private Shop, Wed Sep 3 08:55
      Back-at-ya Dave, I'm right there with you regarding the inter-connectivity..... Best. Later Jay
      • Glad to see some Grump, Wed Sep 3 14:33
        more posts up here. Now,if everyone would just post a little about what you are working on right now, or plan to start on, we can get some activity geared up around here. Surely there are paint based ... more
        • Posting photos.....DaveC., Wed Sep 3 15:53
          For sure, Grump. I would enjoy be able to post a few photos, but I can't figure it out. I try to follow TerryG.'s instructions, but there is something that isn't working for me... I will give it... more
          • Well, let's see if we can garner up enufGrump, Wed Sep 3 21:04
            participants to do some kind of exchange, whether it be panels or some other kind of project. There are a lot of different kinds of skills in this artwork realm. It may be panels, bowling pins, pin... more
            • what Grump saidBuddyroe, Thu Sep 4 11:54
              I`m in for a December 10th swap, that will be just in time for Christmas, soooo as for my vote put my name in the hat !
            • uh....Grump, Wed Sep 3 21:06
              Let's HEAR some suggestions folks! Been a long couple of days here.
              • I'll have something to swap in December!DaveC., Sat Sep 20 09:04
                Grump - I'll have something to swap in December, no matter if it's just you, Jay, and BuddyRoe...... we don't need a bunch of participation or an elaborate plan.... we just need to swap some work and ... more
              • Count me in, Grump!DaveC., Thu Sep 4 02:48
                If we can get just a few of us, that would be enough to swap some work. You are right, make it December - plenty of time, and makes for a good tie-in to the Christmas season. It was 2008 when we did... more
                • Let's give it untill Oct. 10thGrump, Sat Sep 20 00:04
                  and see how many more want in. Post on here folks.
                  • Re: Let's give it untill Oct. 10thJay Horton's Private Shop, Mon Sep 22 10:22
                    Sorry, Too busy right now. Later Jay
                  • Re: Let's give it untill Oct. 10thBuddyroe, Sun Sep 21 11:04
                    October 10th sounds like the plan, and exchange the week or so before Christmas ?
                    • We should probably setGrump, Sun Sep 21 21:00
                      the deadline to send, as Dec 10th due to the high holiday traffic shipping business. That way it allows for screwups, which most certainly will occur. That gives a 60 day time frame to complete and... more
                  • December - I will have something to swap!DaveC., Sat Sep 20 09:03
                    Grump - I'll have something to swap in December, no matter if it's just you, Jay, and BuddyRoe...... we don't need a bunch of participation or an elaborate plan.... we just need to swap some work and ... more
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