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Right on, Buddyroe!!
Wed Sep 3, 2014 15:43 (XFF:

Buddy! I have lost touch with you, I apologize..... Facebook confuses me, I know I should create my own account, but it would just create another demand for time, and I don't have much to post, anyway!

I've been meaning to email you - good old-fashioned email.... I will be sending you an email by the end of the coming weekend.

I learned more from this forum than any other, all of you have helped me more than you will know. Buddy, every time I am doing any gold leaf, I am thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts your way.

Yep, to all of you on this board, and especially Bob & Jen - Thank You! I have printed posts from this board that I keep in a folder, from years ago, that still guide me today!


  • Re: I miss the board, tooBuddyroe, Wed Sep 3 12:41
    The days where this board was flourished with posts as well as input, reading and learning tips others passed along sure has been missed. Social media has some good points but in a very few I enjoy,... more
    • Right on, Buddyroe!! — DaveC., Wed Sep 3 15:43
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