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Call off the chase!
Fri Sep 26, 2014 14:47

I sat in a dark corner and convinced myself that I am doing this project.  Lately I've been doing paint work that I really didn't have my heart into... just finished a single color paint job for a Honda CX500.... plastic pieces, giant tank...the only neat thing I did was to duplicate the factory stripes with paint, not using any decals.  But, work like that is pretty much 'work'. It didn't feed my soul like a metalflake candy circus wagon paint job does!  A person can do a lot more, when their heart is into the work.  This bagger project will be a super canvas for some imaginative paint, so I am going to fight the less-than ideal conditions, and make it happen.  It will be something I can be proud of doing.

Lots of fantastic paint jobs came from not the best paint  shop environments.  It just takes a little more planning, a little more work, and a little luck at the right times.

One thing that really makes me wish I had a real paint booth is whenever I see the painters on the various 'reality' car/bike/restoration shows, all suited up and painting in their perfectly clean and perfectly lighted booths.  I am out in the garage, holding a trouble light in one hand, and the paint gun in the other... making it work......

I lost some of my fascination with pro-shops and nice clean paint booths earlier this week, watching a re-run of Fast-n-Loud, when Kasey/KC rolled their 1966? C-10 Pikes Peak hillclimb truck into the paint booth, and promptly started clearing over the sanded/scuffed original 'patina' finish / weathered paint, primer, rust....

I don't think a stray dog hair would have really hurt that particular paint job much...heh.....

Maybe some day when I hit the lottery, I will build a real shop.

Like Neil Young said on 'Live Rust'  ... 'When I get big, I'm going to get an electric guitar......... when I get REALLY big....'

I remember a thread on the Auto Art forum a few years ago, about things that had been 'trapped' in paint, during the painting process.......   there were some good stories, I remember insects......  someone told one about a large moth that became part of the paint job.....  

That was a good conversation.   Conversations like that one are what makes this board great.   There is so much experience here.

I broke down and created a Facebook account this past weekend.  It has been a really good experience, all I am doing is sharing photos of paint, nothing else.  It's given me a newfound motivation to create more paint, try to accomplish more, do more.

But, I still want to make an effort to post on this forum, with all of the great people here.   It's a lot more relaxed and simple, and you can't beat relaxed and simple.

Look me up if you are out there..... Search 'Dave Clark Lloydsville', I should be there somewhere.....


  • That's what this bull board is all aboutGrump, Thu Sep 25 19:52
    DaveC. Ask away!
    • Call off the chase! — DaveC., Fri Sep 26 14:47
      • Re: Call off the chase!Jay Horton's Private Shop, Mon Sep 29 09:51
        Atta-Boy Dave! Later Jay p.s. ain't no bugs in my paint. I swear! Try painting outside, at dusk, in Florida, with a slight breeze.
      • Ha Ha Ha Grump, Fri Sep 26 19:41
        That was me with the GIANT MOTH story... Funny to recount now, but I was a cussin' fool back when it happened! Sitting there watching this moth flying around crazily, (no doubt the laq fumes... more
        • That is funny.... DaveC., Fri Sep 26 19:55
          Grump, I was thinking that it might have been you, or Doc. Plus, those moths seem to be made of powder... if you do anything to try and get them out of the paint, it just gets a lot worse...heh...... more
          • Re: That is funny.... Jay Horton's Private Shop, Mon Sep 29 09:56
            "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner". As for cussing, Grump I never figured you for anything but puppies and kittens....... Later Jay
            • uh... Jay...Grump, Mon Sep 29 21:35
              Didn't you listen to Jen? They saved the board for the "interesting" archives..............uhummmmm Grump
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