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Ha Ha Ha
Fri Sep 26, 2014 19:41

That was me with the GIANT MOTH story... Funny to recount now, but I was a cussin' fool back when it happened! Sitting there watching this moth flying around crazily, (no doubt the laq fumes inhibiting it's flight pattern), knowing I was helpless to do anything but watch the inevitable about to happen, the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming as I watched it kamikaze into the center of a perfectly sprayed beautiful last coat of black and clear coated Camaro cowl induction hood.

Yep, sucked but that's what "experience" is made of.


  • Call off the chase!DaveC., Fri Sep 26 14:47
    I sat in a dark corner and convinced myself that I am doing this project.  Lately I've been doing paint work that I really didn't have my heart into... just finished a single color paint job for a... more
    • Re: Call off the chase!Jay Horton's Private Shop, Mon Sep 29 09:51
      Atta-Boy Dave! Later Jay p.s. ain't no bugs in my paint. I swear! Try painting outside, at dusk, in Florida, with a slight breeze.
    • Ha Ha Ha — Grump, Fri Sep 26 19:41
      • That is funny.... DaveC., Fri Sep 26 19:55
        Grump, I was thinking that it might have been you, or Doc. Plus, those moths seem to be made of powder... if you do anything to try and get them out of the paint, it just gets a lot worse...heh...... more
        • Re: That is funny.... Jay Horton's Private Shop, Mon Sep 29 09:56
          "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner". As for cussing, Grump I never figured you for anything but puppies and kittens....... Later Jay
          • uh... Jay...Grump, Mon Sep 29 21:35
            Didn't you listen to Jen? They saved the board for the "interesting" archives..............uhummmmm Grump
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