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Art swap.....
Mon Oct 6, 2014 22:35

Everyone who is interested in the afore mentioned art swap, please post so, on this thread so we know where we stand as far as participants.

The suggestions for "rules" are as follow.

1. This is open to anyone in the artwork field, even if it is not necessarily considered mainline.

2. We would like it to be somehow automotive, signage, hand-painted, airbrushed, pinstriped (of course), related artwork. Something along those lines.

3. It should be something you create yourself, that is unique to your personal talents.

4. Keep in mind that this is going to another artist, that may or may not have experience in your particular field of artwork. It should be something you can enjoy and have fun with. Your item may inspire/encourage them to venture into new areas!

5. "Value" of all artwork swapped, should only be compared to the item itself, not to others, as there are many levels of skills being exposed here. Serious beginners are just as welcome as seasoned "old timers". In fact it would be a great benchmark see your advancement from this point in the following years.

6. This is promoted as a "friendly" exchange among like minded people interested in keeping the auto-artwork and associated community to the front lines of public exposure.

7. The 10th of October is 4 days away. The unofficial "start" of this will be then. You should plan on shipping by the 10th of Dec. to insure arrival before the Christmas rush. Please contact me through email to register, at: with the word "artwork" in the subject line. Provide your name, shipping address, and phone #, for contact.

8. As long as everyone trusts me, I will draw the names for exchange and notify each party by personal email. Perhaps we can get Bob & Jen to post pics of it on the AutoArt website or mag. I can provide a display link to post on the web and will help anyone having problems sending a pic.

All of this is just a suggestion to get this going. If anyone has ideas or don't agree, please post your opinion on this thread and we can discuss it!


    • Re: Art swap.....Buddyroe, Tue Oct 7 11:04
      All sounds good to me, count me in, I`ll be sending my entry post via E/mail.
      • Haven't recievedGrump, Fri Oct 10 21:11
        any responses. I'm out. Someone else can proceed if they want. Grump
        • Art SwapDaveC., Wed Oct 29 13:06
          Grump, I missed the Oct. 10 deadline. October just got too busy, I don't know where the time went. I had no projects at the beginning of this month to speak of, and now I am planning into next year.... more
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