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Jay Horton's Private Shop
Re: Latex sandwiched in Uro enamels ???
Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:03

Hi Phil,

It's too bad they won't go for having the base color mixed in an automotive base coat, then you could just follow proper procedure (hint-hint).

I looked your scenario up on several art forums (seems to be a common question) and the jury appears to be out as to whether it will work or not. Some say yes and some say no. To my way of thinking, the euro's probably won't remain adhered depending on where the pieces will be stored; outside or indoors or where there will be a wide temperature differential. You are correct, it will be a sandwich and no covalent bond exists between the to media, only mechanical bonding. Also, if you go ahead with the project, I'd make sure the pieces out gas for a couple of weeks before applying the clear as I believe the latex has a longer cure time and thus a longer out-gas time. If you don't allow for a substantial flow agent trail out, you might be looking at some lifting and/or yellowing over the life of the pieces.

Another thought, maybe try some Createx or Auto-Air colors for your base. They are made to be clear coated with euro's.

I am not a poly-chemist nor do I play one on TV.

Later Jay

  • Latex sandwiched in Uro enamels ???Phil, Thu Dec 11 11:13
    Hi folks, I know todays clears are pretty forgiving but thought I'd ask here first. Painting some porcelain pieces for a customer that brought me their own paint. I had to prime them first with the... more
    • Uro over latex baselarge, Fri Dec 19 11:31
      DCC 3000 or 4000 should work just fine. Latex based coatings, because of their water based solvents seldom react to even the hard solvents such as PPG DT series, or even lacquer thinner. I would't... more
      • Still questionGrump, Sun Dec 21 01:39
        the uro's ability to "bite" into a latex with any appreciable degree of adhesion strength. I do agree there should be little to none reaction to any properly dried water based substrate, but would... more
        • Uro over latex . . large, Fri Dec 26 15:34
          Good point . . however, if you want anything coated with Uro and never come off, just lay it paint side up in a room adjacent to the shop . . Then when you're spraying that little piece of Sh-t that... more
    • Re: Latex sandwiched in Uro enamels ??? — Jay Horton's Private Shop, Fri Dec 12 10:03
      • ThanksPhil, Fri Dec 12 10:35
        Thanks Jay and Grump. I decided to play it safe and mixed HOK base coats to a very close match to the latex. I hate doing work twice ;)
        • Re: ThanksJay Horton's Private Shop, Fri Dec 12 10:51
          Hi Phil, It's probably a far better decision that you made there, fella! I hope it all goes well. Later Jay
    • I would lean...Grump, Thu Dec 11 20:35
      towards the trouble side. With latex not being as stable as uros, I would think many things could occur, such as expansion and contraction differences. One way to find out, try it on a test piece.
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