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Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:35

Thanks Jay and Grump.
I decided to play it safe and mixed HOK base coats to a very close match to the latex. I hate doing work twice ;)

  • Re: Latex sandwiched in Uro enamels ???Jay Horton's Private Shop, Fri Dec 12 10:03
    Hi Phil, It's too bad they won't go for having the base color mixed in an automotive base coat, then you could just follow proper procedure (hint-hint). I looked your scenario up on several art... more
    • Thanks — Phil, Fri Dec 12 10:35
      • Re: ThanksJay Horton's Private Shop, Fri Dec 12 10:51
        Hi Phil, It's probably a far better decision that you made there, fella! I hope it all goes well. Later Jay
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