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Uro over latex . .
Fri Dec 26, 2014 15:34

Good point . . however, if you want anything coated with Uro and never come off, just lay it paint side up in a room adjacent to the shop . . Then when you're spraying that little piece of Sh-t that didn't merit starting the booth up for . . I'll guarantee adhesion of that Uro that you won't be able to get off with a chisel of a 200 grit sandblast . .

But on purpose? Like you said, "You're on your own" . .

  • Still questionGrump, Sun Dec 21 01:39
    the uro's ability to "bite" into a latex with any appreciable degree of adhesion strength. I do agree there should be little to none reaction to any properly dried water based substrate, but would... more
    • Uro over latex . . — large, Fri Dec 26 15:34
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