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Re: Metalflake sky blue-needed
Tue Jan 6, 2015 13:33

The stuff Metalflake sells today is different shade. More of a gunmetal longer a nice soft baby blue
Little Roth flake did not have anything close, nor did Paint with pearl or OSF
I did order a sample from Didspade called Sky Dive. I have some original Metalflake Sky Blue but would like some additional for experimenting etc.

  • Re: Metalflake sky blue-neededJay Horton's Private Shop, Tue Jan 6 13:14
    Hey Dave, I found this: They still show Sky Blue but, you did say old. I assume the color is differs with age, kinda like my hair. Later Jay
    • Re: Metalflake sky blue-needed — Dave, Tue Jan 6 13:33
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