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Fri Jan 16, 2015 15:03

Jay, I should have clicked your link... same product that a person had used on another forum...!

It looks perfect. I don't know if the is the original Metalflake Corp. product, but it hardly matters, because that is the crackle look!

Yeah, I think we do need to order some of that.... it is a cool effect for certain.

Back to the 70's !!! If I only could go back!

Take it easy out there, and good luck with getting the crackle painted.


  • Re: Vreeble......Jay Horton's Private Shop, Fri Jan 16 14:49
    Hey DaveC., Vreeble is available on the web site I posted. I might order some. I wonder if you could use some Valspar faux crackle paint and then ease some uro clear over it. I'd go for that and I... more
    • Cool! — DaveC., Fri Jan 16 15:03
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