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Re: PPG Clear Question
Tue May 26, 2015 07:48

love the 2002 PPG! I use it a lot on my custom work. DCX61 --

  • PPG Clear QuestionEd Birmingham, Wed Jan 28 11:47
    Hey everyone using PPG clear. Question DCU 2002 or DCU 2012 and DCX61 or DCX9. Pros and cons of both. and any personal preferences. Using one for 4 years now just wondering.
    • Re: PPG Clear Question — Anonymous, Tue May 26 07:48
      • 2002 PPG clearandy anderson, Tue May 26 07:52
        I posted the last reply about 2002 PPG clear. I have used it on a lot of my motorcycle custom work. I really like this clear. I use the DCX61 catalyst with it.
    • PPG Clearslarge, Thu Feb 12 18:49
      Kinda depends on what you're doing and how much area you have to coat . . as well as what will you want for a final finish . . Most of the production shops use 2000, 3000, and 4000 w/ DCH3070-85-95... more
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