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An Old Romulan
Fri May 16, 2003 02:38

What is a Klingon.. oh wait, Kliborg wasnt it? doing in our space that has been undisturbed for so long...
I should hate to have call battle stations, considering all the ships are so rusty and havent been overhauled in years...

Naa its good to hear from you Cyborg.. whats new in the world of Star Trek Gaming? Anything worth my notice? lol
Well I hope you actually check back to see if your message was answered, I would hate for you to think that your presence has gone unnoticed. :)

Transmission Ends

R.I.S.F. Defiant NCC-1764 (Decomissioned)

  • KEEP IT ALVIE!Cyborg24, Thu May 1 19:59
    This msg board is brought to your by ME. -Rear Admiral Cy STARFLEET (20909985icq)
    • Interesting... — An Old Romulan, Fri May 16 02:38
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