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An Old Romulan
Ahh... someone answers! lol
Thu Sep 11, 2003 05:03

I had ICQ.. it got old and outdated... it died. I need to get a new version and update it I guess, but you know me, I always hated updating things, I mean when you have something that works, why change it?
Sometime soon I hope to get around to doing that, but first Im going to have to transfer everything over to another comp, this one lets me get online, but other than that, its basically worthless. Half of my OLD games dont work, much less any new ones.
Good to hear back from you thgouh Cyborg.. Its been a while. Whenever I get things fixed here, Ill look you up.

  • Re: A Question for All You VisitorsCyborg24, Mon Sep 8 02:53
    Well gee wiz, get damn ICQ, so we can chat.... Instead of having conversations that last months after months, rofl.
    • Ahh... someone answers! lol — An Old Romulan, Thu Sep 11 05:03
      • okCy, Fri Sep 12 17:29
        Thanks man =) AND GL.
    • Re: A Question for All You VisitorsOddeye, Mon Sep 8 03:50
      Ahhh... Old RIS... Saw a link to this board in the RSE forums.. Cyborg.. your name I know lol Nice to see not all of the old 99 fleets are gone
      • GreetingsAn Old Romulan, Thu Sep 11 05:08
        Your name I do not recognize... but that is not what is important. Obviously you have some knowledge of the past, this is good :) lol I wish that I could say this fleet is "gone but not forgotten" .. ... more
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