An Old Romulan
Thu Sep 11, 2003 05:08

Your name I do not recognize... but that is not what is important. Obviously you have some knowledge of the past, this is good :) lol
I wish that I could say this fleet is "gone but not forgotten" .. but I think its more like "gone and forgotten" ... I wish that I could come back to the gaming world, but its impossible. Too many real world concerns.

At any rate, thanks for visiting.

  • Re: A Question for All You VisitorsOddeye, Mon Sep 8 03:50
    Ahhh... Old RIS... Saw a link to this board in the RSE forums.. Cyborg.. your name I know lol Nice to see not all of the old 99 fleets are gone
    • Greetings — An Old Romulan, Thu Sep 11 05:08
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