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An Old Romulan
Fri Oct 24, 2003 05:16

Its good to hear that Russ is still with us, I had feared for the worst. I hadn't heard anything for ages, but of course I havent really been in contact with anyone from the gaming world except the people who chance to come by my board. Among other real world concerns, as I told Cyborg, Ive had horrible computer trouble. Russ probably remembers that my comp wasnt exactly "new" even back when we played SFA together. Simple enough to say.. It died and what Im using now is worse. It gets me online whenever I have the time, and thats about all I can say for it. heh. Im in the process of fixing that though.. piece by piece. I hope to have ICQ or some form of civilized communication fixed soon. I dont know if I will be able to save my old contact list though (the files went through a partition crash and I had to recover them), so if Russ still uses ICQ, someone please post me his number. Thanks!

  • Re: A Question for All You VisitorsRSE Diesalot, Tue Sep 16 20:31
    Jolan Tru RISF. I am TS Sub Commander Diesalot of the Romulan Star Empire. I am here on behalf of my praetor - Talyn aka Russlec. He wishes to regain contact with an old friend of his - Conner15.... more
    • Greetings — An Old Romulan, Fri Oct 24 05:16
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