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An Old Romulan
Yes, yes....
Fri Jul 30, 2004 01:42

It's good to have help doing that. I lost the message board that I had on my own personal website, I never got to finish it and not enough people knew about it. Then it went the same way the fleet page went, and I didnt catch it in time. Oh well...

R.I.S.F. Defiant NCC-1764

Phoenixes may yet rise from the ashes...

  • keeping it up ;)Cyborg, Sun Jul 4 04:31
    • Yes, yes.... — An Old Romulan, Fri Jul 30 01:42
      • LonelyAn Old Romulan, Mon Sep 20 02:41
        Its getting a bit lonely around here, lol. Always has been, but at least there were some friendly voices to be heard from time to time. Ah well, I suppose all great halls must meet their end. Or... more
        • <> <>Anonymous, Sat Oct 23 01:48
          • :(*, Sun Aug 6 01:59
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