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Did the Chinese or North Koreans ever operate the Il-2m3?
Sun May 13, 2012 18:39

The Communist Chinese and North Koreans were equipped with Il-10 attack aircraft. My question is whether they received Il-2m3 aircraft. I have searched extensively and could locate no photographic proof or evidence of such use of the "Bark" other than Chris Thornburg's site, which says that the PLAAF and North Korean Air Force flew the Il-2m3. Also, Bueschel, in his book on the Red Chinese air force, mentions that the North Koreans had a few. In addition, USAF records state that an Il-2m3 was shot down early on in the conflict, but I have never seen photo evidence. Thank you in advance for any information or suggestions.

    • Il-2 ?Eduard Sorokin, Mon May 14 11:25
      Only rumours have place about this subject. One half of researchers says "Yes, it was"; other half says "No, it was never". Any photos of early North Korean aviation is RAREST things, because at that ... more
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