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Wed Jun 27, 2012 20:45

The PLAAF had at least one Harrier, probably more.

  • Chinese Tu-2Eduard Sorokin, Wed Jun 27 10:07
    Dear 34Drive ! You wrote: "He was the one who told me about Chinese Harriers, which turned out to be true". What You mean about those Harriers ?
    • Harriers — 34Drive, Wed Jun 27 20:45
      • PLAAF Harrier ?Eduard Sorokin, Thu Jun 28 09:48
        Harrier ? But from where ?
        • PLAAF Harrier?Kim Margosein, Fri Jun 29 07:57
          IIRC, the PLAAF was looking to buy some used first gen Harriers from the RAF. The deal seemed to go nowhere, and the Tiananmin Square events pretty much killed it.
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