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east turkestan
Fri Aug 3, 2012 04:25

Hi Willy,

Have heard of this probably from the same source! Would love to know any information. A very complex period in China, very few photos. Have you tried Lennart Andersson - he is the authority on this but no information in his impressive book on Chinese Aviation of period

  • East TurkestanWilly, Tue Jul 24 05:06
    Hello, I have read the East Turkestan republic captured in 1945 several Chinese aircraft and operated them. Does anybody know which aircraft were used and how they were marked? Thank you!
    • east turkestan — johnc, Fri Aug 3 04:25
      • Re: east turkestanWilly, Fri Aug 10 04:06
        Yes, I have contacted him, unfortunately nothing is known to him...
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