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Argentine & Honduran Brisfits
Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:22

Argentina - Amores Oliver, Eduardo Juan. Fuerza Aérea Argentina – Guía de Aeronaves Militares 1912-2006.
This book by the Argentine Air Force says twenty - eight Bristol Fighter F2b Mark III were acquired between 1920 and 1928. These were numbered 1 through 28. In 1930 and 1931 ten were rebuilt and renumbered 29 through 38. These were withdrawn by 1933. So, 28 air frames and 38 serials. Other sources say forty Brisfits, but I would take this as definitive as it is from the Argentine Air Force history section. For a color profile of an Argentine Brisfit go to .

Honduras - Honduras had only one Bristol Fighter, H-9. It had an eventful career before being destroyed during a rebellion. Hagedorn's Central American and Caribbean Air Forces has information. The best source is 'Los Pilotos Extranjeros en Honduras 1921-1924.' It has small photos of the Honduran Brisfit.
(Unfortunately, I just checked, and like many Latin American websites, it has disappeared. Send me a email and I can send you a copy that I downloaded. I've learned nothing last forever on the Web so I download a lot.)

  • Bristol Fighter F.2b in Argentina and Honduras Alex Smart, Mon Oct 12 18:28
    Hello, Following on from my earlier question about the Bristol Fighter F.2b in Bolivian service Does anyone have any info as to the number of F.2b's that were used by Argentina and Honduras ? Thanks... more
    • Argentine & Honduran Brisfits — WaltNoise, Tue Oct 13 11:22
      • Bristol Fighter F.2b with Argentina & Honduras Alex sMART, Wed Oct 14 17:17
        Hello Christian and Walt, Many thanks to you both for your answers and for the links which I had not seen before. Many thanks Alex
      • Hondurean BrisfitsHOTTE Christian, Wed Oct 14 05:56
        Hello, Regarding the "broken" website for Bristfits from Honduras try this: more
        • Honduran LinkWaltNoise, Thu Oct 15 12:19
          Thank you, Christian!
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