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jim walg
mong AF
Thu Oct 20, 2016 04:54

Still here,

But did not progress beyond the things found then.

Hoped Russian servicemen or descendants would come forward, by and by. (If additional info anywhere: there!)

They did not. So my buck stopped there.

Greets, AJ

  • Got them all thanks!34Drive, Tue May 29 13:02
    Haven't heard of or seen Mr. Walg in almost 15 years.
    • mong AF — jim walg, Thu Oct 20 04:54
    • easy to orderFrançois Ribailly, Thu Jun 14 10:41 slides down on the left until INSIGNIA #14 and you'll seen two example (Mi 24 and Mig 21 PFM). Insignia needs to survive, not to be copy (as every paper source). If you... more
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