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Question: early Jordanian Aircraft
Fri Feb 16, 2018 06:12

Jordan was created immediately following WW2 but did not receive aircraft for its Air Force for a number of years. What kind of planes would one find on Jordan 1945-1950? I am aware that they received Proctors and Vampires in 1950. In the intervening years, did they fly/acquire anything else, specifically any ex-RAF types or French planes? Thank you for any information.

    • Air Enthusiast #126Alex, Sat Mar 3 01:54
      Air Enthusiast #126 reports this. OOB in 1950: - 2 Tiger Moths - 1 Dragon Rapide - 4 Proctors - 2 Auster J/1 In 1950, 4 Auster AOP.6s, 2 Auster J/5F were delivered
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