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Jakub Marszalkiewicz
Austrian Meindl A.VIII in Polish Challenge 1934 team
Fri Mar 9, 2018 11:01


Does anybody know something about Austrian airplane Meindl A.VIII?

Photos of Meindl A.VII are well known, but I found only a single photo of A.VIII:
[do you know its source?]

A.VIII shown there has a "Polish" red-silver painting and sport no 82 for international Challenge aviation championchips 1934, where Austrians Erichem Meindl and Ness Wanneck were to take part as members of the Polish team (which finally won). Unfortunately registration is obscured [A-146? OE-DEU?]
Finally Meindl did not take part, but the photo shows that his A.VIII was almost ready.

Do you know any details about A.VIII?
I know only that has the Siemens-Halske 14a engine nad was to be used in CHallenge 1934.

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