Norman 1954
Tom Jones
Fri Jan 17, 2014 17:26

Tom I couldn't find any school pics.of you in any of my school albums.I was in the 55 class till me and Charlie Ramos was skipped into the 54 class.We skipped the 10th grade. Were you in any school albums? I would like to see your pic. so I can maybe remember you. I will be 77 in about 6 days. Jan 23, 1937. Where do you live now? I live in Chiefland, Fl which is west of Gainsville Fl.

    • Class PhotosTom Jones, Sat Jan 18 06:27
      Norman, You will have to look at Annex photos that Jackne posted. The ones that he said would be the 55 class. I went to St. Joseph's and Charlie and i and a lot of others were there as well. George... more
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