Kenny Pickens
Happy New Year Conchs
Wed Jan 22, 2014 05:23

I haven't been on in quite a while, so Happy (late) New Years to all!
Well, I'd like to hear from you all on your New Years Resolutions you made.
I am shooting for a Masters Bodybuilding contest in June (And it will be very hard the way my Connie can cook-but she's my biggest supporter). I also joined a power lifting 50 and older team here in Central Florida.
Still can bench over 400 pounds at 53 (Can't wipe my backside the next day though. It seems the mind and heart are willing, but that damn body of mine doesn't agree with my heart and mind. Sometimes I am so soar, it's hell getting out of bed!!!!!
Love You Guys

    • messagesTERRY BEEMAN SR, Thu Jan 23 08:14
      Hi Kenny, I sent two msg's to your email addy about a month ago with no response. Glad to hear you OK. Was getting worried. I thought you would be interested in that send. Terry
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    Thanks for visiting!! Go Conchs!!