9th annual conch reunion
Wed Sep 23, 2015 05:18

Thank you Bubba for securing a place for us to meeet again and for doing all the paperwork that has to be done to get it done. The location was fantastic. Also, I loved looking at your paintings by Linda Cabrera and Andy Thurber. They all bring back happy memories of Key West when I view them. I wish Linda could have been present also. I am already on my way back home to California and I look forward to the drive. Should be fun. I left home on 1 June 2015 with just under 4000 miles on my car and it has already rolled 16000 miles on the odometer. Just from me driving around back and forth this great nation. It is so beautiful. Thank you again Bubba and thank you all the Conchs that I was lucky enough to meet and greet with. Of course I owe Gabby Conch (Ruthie & Raul both) a large debt of gratitude that can never be repaid except with keeping them close in my heart and mind forever. Thank you all. I WILL remember this one. See all of you all at the next one. Thank you. Oh yes - and David Perez - I am happy that I finally got to meet you (and your daughter) in person after reading your stories and emails for years. I enjoyed that. Take care and stay healthy.

  • Thanks!Bubba, Tue Sep 22 06:53
    Always my pleasure!!
    • 9th annual conch reunion — mickey, Wed Sep 23 05:18
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