Destiny Perez-Glaubitz
Marie Perez
Fri Oct 9, 2015 11:44

Hello Fellow Conchs,Thank you for the prayers and kind words of Daddy and Marie. Daddy is having a difficult time, Marie isn't doing good. The time is very near and if wish you wish to talk to Daddy please call me instead so he doesn't have to answer questions and I will pass it on to him. I will keep you all updated. My number is 360-434-3291
Love to you all

    • Ms. MarieRon Albury, Wed Nov 4 05:07
      My condolences to David and family.
    • marie passed away sun 7 oct 2015mickey, Thu Oct 15 05:18
      I received this from David this morning Thursday 15 Oct 2015. Mickey marie passed away sunday around 7 .she was in great pain and could not draw a breath without making a horrable loud sound. I laid... more
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