Brother Omar
Mon Oct 12, 2015 05:44

please send me David and Marie's address in Tampa. I heard from a third party that Marie had passed away. I trust this was factual and not just a rumor.
I am respecting David's need for solitude in his hours of grief so I hesitate to call him on the phone.
I will be sending him and email.

Both of these fellow conchs have been in my daily prayers for many years in the past. Recently David and I re-connected and my prayers for them finding a Christian fellowship was answered. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  • Marie PerezDestiny Perez-Glaubitz, Thu Oct 8 12:37
    Hello Fellow Conchs, Marie Perez is now in a coma and my Daddy, David Perez need your prayers for her and him. For her hopefully a recovery or love. For him, he needs to have strength to deal with... more
    • ADDRESS — Brother Omar, Mon Oct 12 05:44
      • Omar Callejaruthie, Mon Oct 12 21:12
        Omar: David Perez 8307 Hiawatha Street, West Tampa, FL 33615 Or you can reach his daughter Destiny at: 360-434-3291
        • thank youbrother omar, Tue Oct 13 08:06
          Ruthie thanks, I will follow up on the information.
        • Re: Omar CallejaAnonymous, Mon Oct 12 21:16
          David: Destiny: (
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