marie passed away sun 7 oct 2015
Thu Oct 15, 2015 05:18

I received this from David this morning Thursday 15 Oct 2015. Mickey

marie passed away sunday around 7 .she was in great pain and could not draw a breath without making a horrable loud sound. I laid half way across her and by speaking softly and by gods good grace I calmed her I asked god for just 5 min. to see her as she was in a coma. she came out of it for time enough for me to tell her I loved her and to keep her eyes locked into mine she did and tried to speak but could not. however I could read her eyes I have never seen love like I saw in her eyes, I will never forget that. she began to breath slower untill takeing her last breath, I breathed in her last breath she is in me, my heart felt like it was ripped out, i still cry for her everything remindes me of her. we were together 35 years married., it was not a perfect marrage but none are. there was much love between us, and we shared many adventures, there will be a cellabration of life at my home and one at my church. you are in tampa you are welcome. jackne you are rite the house is full of life but not my heart as far as I'm concerned its empty. tell your love everyday you love them, treat them like you wont ever see them again because one day yu wont see them again. watch them they may be ill and you will see it and if they love you they may not tell you so you wont worry and you will look at your self thinking you didn't do enough in life for them. guilt will haunt you even if theres nothing there wrong. I thank my lord jesus Christ and his father for giving me the most beautiful 5 min of love I have ever saw. we were, togethter 24 7 and those last 5 min. were the best ever in my life. i will love her forever, as for me I feel like I'm dieing my heart is truly broken thanks to you who care and bless those who have gone through it, how do we live ...... david perez

  • Marie PerezDestiny Perez-Glaubitz, Fri Oct 9 11:44
    Hello Fellow Conchs,Thank you for the prayers and kind words of Daddy and Marie. Daddy is having a difficult time, Marie isn't doing good. The time is very near and if wish you wish to talk to Daddy... more
    • Ms. MarieRon Albury, Wed Nov 4 05:07
      My condolences to David and family.
    • marie passed away sun 7 oct 2015 — mickey, Thu Oct 15 05:18
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