David Perez
Tue Mar 22, 2016 13:42

Hello Fellow Conchs, Daddy is not doing well. It is hard for him without Marie. He is not eating, especially when alone. I am concerned for his life because of his depression, sense of being totally alone. I was told by family that maybe I shouldn't let you all know but, you are his family as well.. Conch Family. And I know without a shadow of doubt that Marie would let you all know and ask for prayers and maybe even communication of some kind. His number is 360-204-4489 if you wish to call to let him know he is not alone by you contacting him, telling him what is going on in your life, or to pick him up for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a date out of the house. If you are in the area and know where he lives then go visit. IF you don't know where he lives, you can call him or me 360-434-3291 and I will give you his address for cards, letters, or visits (which he truly needs at this time). I feel that IF he has living, breathing, caring people to visit.. I hope that will let him know that he is not alone and that he has friends including family that care and love him. Thank you, Destiny

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