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No Subject
Wed Aug 26, 2009 20:08

I am a lifelong WOLVES fan who went to the game last night. I wanted to say WELL DONE Town, you were awesome. You got knocked out so harshly Be proud of a great performance from the whole team. You deserved to go through and showed no fear at all playing a Premier League team. I felt so sorry for your skipper who missed the pen as he did not do a thing wrong all night and superbly played Doyle. I thought the Town fans were also incredible and well done for turning up and making an atmosphere. Nice banter and humour on a bad night for footy at W Ham!I hope the fans and club have a great season. I shall be looking to see if you kick on from this performance. RESPECT.Be proud of your team. Wilson is a good Manager!

    • Re: No SubjectLeroy_, Thu Nov 19 15:13
      Thanks. That means a lot.
      • TownBAZWOLF, Fri Nov 20 10:03
        Best wishes for a good season to Town. Going to be a knife edge for WW to stay up, but so great to see LIVE Premier stuff
        • Wolves....................Townfish©, Fri Nov 20 16:42
          .........does Steve Bull still play for you? <
        • Re: TownLeroy_, Fri Nov 20 10:35
          Yeah it must be great in the Prem what with the rip off ticket prices and having no idea what time the game will kick off from one week to the next. I envy you.
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