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Sun May 30, 2010 00:45

Was there an uttering from a jealous lower league scummer somewhere who uses American spelling for her username?

Run run run run o*f*rd!


  • wembleyoxidize, Sun May 30 00:11
    oh how we laughed - that one and only chance, yes that one and only little shit face austin with a one on one chance bunch of inbred tossers and that "off side" own goal . . . major snigger
    • Welcome back to the league......The Cardboard Cockney, Sun May 30 12:15
      enjoy it while it lasts. I'm glad you enjoyed yesterday...... probably didn't laugh as much as we have over the last four years at your hilarity in the conference. Seriously major snigger
    • Sorry? — TownFish©, Sun May 30 00:45
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