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Fri Aug 20, 2010 19:58

And the green beer is off! How's life oop Norf?


  • any of you lot still alive?Yam, Fri Aug 20 13:25
    how's the green beer?
    • No — TownFish©, Fri Aug 20 19:58
      • Re: NoYam, Sun Aug 22 20:45
        all good up here ta. saw devizes on one of them booze britain programmes the other week, reminded me of barry latics with his head through your cat flap chucking up into the back yard!
        • What a co-incidenceTownFish©, Mon Aug 23 01:02
          I saw Wigan on the telly the other day which reminded me of how shit your pier is. Ps, I soon moved from there as I couldn't bear to clear up the green vomit!
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