mercury riders
Thu Sep 29, 2011 21:04

i used to be with them in the late 60's,i haven't seen or heard from any of them since early 70's,i know that the club in Astoria is no longer there.

  • mercury riders mcshirley, Thu Sep 29 12:16
    Anyone still in contact with the guys from the club.
    • Re: mercury riders mcernie, Thu May 25 15:37
      my name is Ernie I rode with the club in the late 50s, early 60s. I still talk to Nutzie (Richy), Sal Petruso. My close friend Joe Favoloro passed away last year, had good memories being a member... more
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Sat Apr 5 21:11
    • anyonebo, Sat Jan 25 00:59
      I was president back in 1970 contact me forore info
      • 1-24-2014black jack, Sat Jan 25 01:01
        post subject as a date
        • mercury riders65stboys, Mon Jan 27 13:50
          i rode with b.j. louie nored, davie kline. went out with b.j. sister in law, kathy.. artie
          • Davie Kleinlmurdock0803, Thu Jul 9 12:43
            My dad was David Klein, who rode with the Mercury Riders. He passed away in 1990, but my mom is still around and I think she knew a lot of the guys. She was Jane Schnupp. I'm pretty sure some of the... more
    • Mercury Riders MCFXR, Tue Dec 10 19:04
      ?Where the Mercury Riders from Astoria Queens? I remember a group of bikers from Astoria that wore a Mercury patch. Does anyone have pic of the club or colors.
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Wed Mar 6 11:30
      didn't know anyone from the MC,but when I was 12 years old in 1962 Brooklyn I had a bicycle club called Mercury riders,of course we thought we were a MC with ape hangers and fat tires on our... more
    • photosBLACK JACK, Wed Feb 6 12:04
      Today is the sixth if February. Black Jack passed away on thus day in 96. It's always nice to have memories but I do not have photos. So if anyone has photos of the my dad or would like to reach our... more
      • Re: photosAnonymous, Sat Feb 9 12:22
        hi, i have some pics, if i can find them.... hows your aunt cathy? artie,,, --- jgraham1@wildblue.net,,,,
        • Re: photosAnonymous, Mon Feb 11 16:25
          She lives in Virginia. Getting ready to retire from thirty years if work with the government. If you find the photos and can scan them to e mail me with that would bee great. I have to ask her about... more
    • cashee and nunziosqirlyt1, Thu Jul 26 21:22
      does anyone know how to get ahold of nunzio.he was a good friend of my dads.know his last name atleast that will help.
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Thu Feb 23 15:49
      i rode with blackjack,louie noren,davy nine fingers,sal atruso white scotty ( pres} ritchie noble,, big carney, i lived on 65 st ,1st + york... artie graham
      • Remembering Uncle John "Scotty" SarisAnonymous, Mon Oct 15 22:25
        I was so young that he rode with me between his arms around the Parking lot. When I got too big he put on back.I remember seeing nothing but the "Winged Foot",not feeling the wind or where I was... more
      • Former Member Mike HereAnonymous, Sat Apr 21 15:41
        This is Mike from the Mercury Riders. I was the first Puerto Rican member! Is this thread still active?
      • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Thu Mar 2 19:36
        I rode with Mercury in the 70's. White Scotty, Black Scotty, BlackJack, JC, Charley Guard, Larry Lancellotti, Patsy Capolongo, Denny and Poppa Joe. I retired as Vice President in good Standing and... more
        • replyrobert schroeck, Fri May 18 21:10
          5-18-2018 hey this is bo, was president in 1970, i must have rode with you, who are you. i rode with all of these guys.
      • Mercury RidersSkidss RSMC, Thu Dec 31 22:30
        My father was a member of Mercury Riders back in the early 70's. I remember Blackjack and a girl named Sam that had a chopper. My pop's name was Larry Krause and my mom Myra also rode with the group... more
      • Mercury Riderslmurdock0803, Thu Jul 9 12:23
        My dad was a Mercury Rider in the 60's. His name was Dave Klein. If anyone knew him or has any photos you can pass along to me, I would be grateful. He passed in 1990.
        • replyrobert schroeck, Fri May 18 21:16
          5-18-2018 sorry to hear he passed so early in life, he was a great guy we used to call him davy 3 fingers, unfortunately i do not have any pictures if him to send, but know that he is not forgotten
      • BLACK JACKAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 01:16
        Black Jack was my father and passed away in '96. I have his last bike which is a 73 FLH. I'm in the process of rebuilding it now. Doris had three boys with him, i;m the youngest one. Sorry to say I... more
        • Re: BLACK JACKAnonymous, Fri May 11 19:01
          I was a member of the Skyway Riders and I have a group picture of the Mercury Riders ... If memory serves me the guy seated in the center was Black Jack
          • Re: BLACK JACKAnonymous, Sat Mar 2 16:10
            If you have that photo and can e mail me a copy I'd really like that. You can send it to jerny59@gmail.com. Thanks a whole bunch. Jimmy
        • Re: BLACK JACKfshovelhead, Thu Apr 12 21:41
          he was the pres.when i belonged to the m/c,he was a good man.Sorry to hear he passed away.
        • Re: BLACK JACKAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 07:29
          hay,i rode with your dad,,, i went out with your aunt kathy, 4 about 6 yrs, she has my name on her chest,, artie,,do you still live in the 50 s,,, heres my # 585 593 4366,,, artie
      • mercury ridersshirl, Fri Feb 24 09:00
        i almost forgot my dad was called sally by alot but more people called him cashy if that helps.also looking for nunzio and frank.
        • Re: mercury ridersshirl, Fri Feb 24 19:25
          also who was a guy named johnny black.i dont know if he was from mercury riders or skyway riders.italian guy too.
        • Re: mercury ridersAnonymous, Fri Feb 24 12:04
          there was a few sals, did he have a brother dom, was he from 92st, ther was another sal , that went to vegas, + became a dealer, had a brother, frankie , killed by cops, another one was gambronie,,... more
          • Re: mercury ridersAnonymous, Fri Feb 24 13:35
            dont know much about him.when he went away in 70s i was left at boiardo estate for my protection.i know he was the son to vito genovese.his godfather in the church was carlo gambino.a woman took me... more
    • Mercury RidersFXR, Thu Dec 8 19:20
      Anyone have pics of old runs or club partys. Bo do you have the clubs colors?
    • Mercurt Ridersduceswildxxii@aol.com, Thu Dec 8 18:57
      Does anyone know why the club broke up? I remember seeing them ride in Astoria when I younger. I had made up T shirts with the clubs logo. I gave them out to friends that I ride with in NJ.
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Mon Nov 21 23:23
      • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Mon Jul 2 02:30
        Hay I was a member and also live in wc. This is weird since I gave my daughter the badge that looked like a cops shield to my daughter. I live close to beckley wc and I am retired now. Maybe we can... more
      • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Thu Feb 23 15:41
        i rode with them,went out with blackjacks sister inlaw, when jack was married to doris, artie
      • Re: mercury riders mcshirl., Fri Dec 2 20:50
        nice to meet you.do you have any pics.you can send to my email.did you know my dad.
      • mercury riders.salshirley, Thu Dec 1 23:14
        i call the accessors office and they say they have no record of who paid the taxes or a contact name.it sucks to know the place isnt there.when i was little my father sal and tncle nunzio put all my... more
        • Re: mercury riders.salAnonymous, Fri Jun 22 03:35
          The skyway riders was on tonnele ave. I remmember it My farther Harry rode with them (nickname bed post). He had a pan with all hearts on it. i still see Joe around ( nicename big foot ) the last i... more
          • sal.cashee.nunziosqirlyt1@aol.com, Fri Jun 22 22:21
            do you know how to find nunzio.what his full name is.he can get me to where i need to be.when i was young i used to call him my uncle nunzio.please email mei would love to see him again.he def. Would ... more
        • they are full of shyt!hacksaw, Fri Dec 2 11:03
          how can they not have records? you are going to have to go to city hall and do a title search on the property. i dont know how ny works exactly, but that property has to have a lot number. even if... more
          • Re: they are full of shyt!shirl, Fri Dec 2 20:45
            i did that already.it was owned by mercury riders inc.i checked business license back to 55.no name no other address.taxes Paid Cash.tracks very well covered.even checked federal.no other name.ugh.
            • damn! hacksaw, Sat Dec 3 01:08
              i wish i could think of something to help u.
      • skipping ahead to 1975hacksaw#0, Tue Nov 22 18:14
        they are still listed in the AMA magazine. Mercury Riders MC, 2-17 27th Ave., Astoria, N.Y i dont have access to any newer ama material. appearantly if you do, you can at least narrow down to where... more
        • Re: skipping ahead to 1975Anonymous, Thu Nov 16 12:17
          Had an uncle who rode with the group, I was down by my grandparents who's garage was a few over from the clubhouse when he went down on Shore Blvd, aka Astoria park
      • MRMChacksaw #0, Tue Nov 22 18:00
        according to NEW CLUBS published in the AMA American Motorcyclist October 1959, the Mercury MC is listed as re-organized in Long Island City.
    • mercury riders — fshovelhead, Thu Sep 29 21:04
      • Re: mercury ridersshirley, Fri Sep 30 14:37
        Can you send me some names so i 2n find them.my father is sal.nunzio use to hang with him.joe too.i dont know the last names.did they take down the club.what road is it on.i need to get ahold of my... more
        • mercuryfshovelhead, Fri Sep 30 21:33
          There was a man called Sal,but he left the club right after i joined,i'm sorry but i never knew his last name,the Joe you referred to might have been Joe the treasurer,but i think he passed away,also ... more
          • mercury riders mcshirley, Thu Oct 6 08:45
            My father had early greying hair.he was only late twenties early thirties.i know he went to prison or college as we say thats how i ended up being raised by the hag.thats what i call her.my dad... more
            • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Wed Feb 6 12:35
              The place is long gone. Sold to a developer in 2005 06.
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