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Fri Sep 30, 2011 21:33

There was a man called Sal,but he left the club right after i joined,i'm sorry but i never knew his last name,the Joe you referred to might have been Joe the treasurer,but i think he passed away,also the president's name was Black Jack as he was half italian and half african-american,and i think he also passed away,these two men were already in their 50's when i knew them,and that was almost 45 years ago.These men you are looking for were probably members a while before i joined,the club used to bein Manhattan,then moved to Queens,and as i understand it doesn't exist anymore.Sorry i have no more information to give you,maybe somebody else on this web-site was a member of that club.
As far as last names nobody really ever used them.

  • Re: mercury ridersshirley, Fri Sep 30 14:37
    Can you send me some names so i 2n find father is sal.nunzio use to hang with him.joe too.i dont know the last names.did they take down the club.what road is it on.i need to get ahold of my... more
    • mercury — fshovelhead, Fri Sep 30 21:33
      • mercury riders mcshirley, Thu Oct 6 08:45
        My father had early greying hair.he was only late twenties early thirties.i know he went to prison or college as we say thats how i ended up being raised by the hag.thats what i call dad... more
        • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Wed Feb 6 12:35
          The place is long gone. Sold to a developer in 2005 06.
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