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mercury riders mc
Thu Oct 6, 2011 08:45 (XFF:

My father had early greying hair.he was only late twenties early thirties.i know he went to prison or college as we say thats how i ended up being raised by the hag.thats what i call dad started the club with his friend.i was hoping the place was still there.maybe i can find some pics there.its a needle in a haystack but i am gonna try.

  • mercuryfshovelhead, Fri Sep 30 21:33
    There was a man called Sal,but he left the club right after i joined,i'm sorry but i never knew his last name,the Joe you referred to might have been Joe the treasurer,but i think he passed away,also ... more
    • mercury riders mc — shirley, Thu Oct 6 08:45
      • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Wed Feb 6 12:35
        The place is long gone. Sold to a developer in 2005 06.
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