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skipping ahead to 1975
Tue Nov 22, 2011 18:14

they are still listed in the AMA magazine. Mercury Riders MC, 2-17 27th Ave., Astoria, N.Y

i dont have access to any newer ama material. appearantly if you do, you can at least narrow down to where they ceased being involved with the AMA.

i would also suggest researching that address at whatever ny has for an accessors office. find out the history of the taxes being paid on it. that would tell you the owner. maybe develope some leads from that.

  • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Mon Nov 21 23:23
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Mon Jul 2 02:30
      Hay I was a member and also live in wc. This is weird since I gave my daughter the badge that looked like a cops shield to my daughter. I live close to beckley wc and I am retired now. Maybe we can... more
    • Re: mercury riders mcAnonymous, Thu Feb 23 15:41
      i rode with them,went out with blackjacks sister inlaw, when jack was married to doris, artie
    • Re: mercury riders mcshirl., Fri Dec 2 20:50
      nice to meet you have any can send to my email.did you know my dad.
    • mercury riders.salshirley, Thu Dec 1 23:14
      i call the accessors office and they say they have no record of who paid the taxes or a contact sucks to know the place isnt there.when i was little my father sal and tncle nunzio put all my... more
      • Re: mercury riders.salAnonymous, Fri Jun 22 03:35
        The skyway riders was on tonnele ave. I remmember it My farther Harry rode with them (nickname bed post). He had a pan with all hearts on it. i still see Joe around ( nicename big foot ) the last i... more
        •, Fri Jun 22 22:21
          do you know how to find nunzio.what his full name is.he can get me to where i need to be.when i was young i used to call him my uncle nunzio.please email mei would love to see him again.he def. Would ... more
      • they are full of shyt!hacksaw, Fri Dec 2 11:03
        how can they not have records? you are going to have to go to city hall and do a title search on the property. i dont know how ny works exactly, but that property has to have a lot number. even if... more
        • Re: they are full of shyt!shirl, Fri Dec 2 20:45
          i did that was owned by mercury riders inc.i checked business license back to name no other address.taxes Paid Cash.tracks very well covered.even checked other name.ugh.
          • damn! hacksaw, Sat Dec 3 01:08
            i wish i could think of something to help u.
    • skipping ahead to 1975 — hacksaw#0, Tue Nov 22 18:14
      • Re: skipping ahead to 1975Anonymous, Thu Nov 16 12:17
        Had an uncle who rode with the group, I was down by my grandparents who's garage was a few over from the clubhouse when he went down on Shore Blvd, aka Astoria park
    • MRMChacksaw #0, Tue Nov 22 18:00
      according to NEW CLUBS published in the AMA American Motorcyclist October 1959, the Mercury MC is listed as re-organized in Long Island City.
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