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Re: mercury riders
Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:04

there was a few sals, did he have a brother dom, was he from 92st, ther was another sal , that went to vegas, + became a dealer, had a brother, frankie , killed by cops, another one was gambronie,, artie

  • mercury ridersshirl, Fri Feb 24 09:00
    i almost forgot my dad was called sally by alot but more people called him cashy if that helps.also looking for nunzio and frank.
    • Re: mercury ridersshirl, Fri Feb 24 19:25
      also who was a guy named johnny black.i dont know if he was from mercury riders or skyway riders.italian guy too.
    • Re: mercury riders — Anonymous, Fri Feb 24 12:04
      • Re: mercury ridersAnonymous, Fri Feb 24 13:35
        dont know much about him.when he went away in 70s i was left at boiardo estate for my protection.i know he was the son to vito genovese.his godfather in the church was carlo gambino.a woman took me... more
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