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Sat Jan 25, 2014 01:01

post subject as a date

  • anyonebo, Sat Jan 25 00:59
    I was president back in 1970 contact me forore info
    • 1-24-2014 — black jack, Sat Jan 25 01:01
      • mercury riders65stboys, Mon Jan 27 13:50
        i rode with b.j. louie nored, davie kline. went out with b.j. sister in law, kathy.. artie
        • Davie Kleinlmurdock0803, Thu Jul 9 12:43
          My dad was David Klein, who rode with the Mercury Riders. He passed away in 1990, but my mom is still around and I think she knew a lot of the guys. She was Jane Schnupp. I'm pretty sure some of the... more
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