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i like the Biblical analogy...
Sun May 31, 2015 18:30

...writing that requires thought deeper than metal flake, imagine that . I have said before that I like the look of a patina'd bike that comes from aging naturally ,not from lack of love. I clean my bikes and fully detail them twice a year. If you really go the distance on an all out detail it will take about 8 hrs. per bike. Of course ,I complete this task one bike at a time over a few days. I can't protect my bike from everything life throws at it but I'll try. To move your bike in the city, lock it up ,go back and get a couple of buckets of water ,clean it , and do the reverse procedure shows a lot of respect to the one that makes a lot of your living bearable.
Keep it simple stupid are words that I live by. Most technology to me is about making simple things as complicated as possible. texting is a perfect example. Guys at work are now talking to their phones and the phones convert their words into type. why not just make the call. I shake my head and laugh to myself.
Bikers , not biker lites, will persevere when the shit hits the fan , basic survival requires being comfortable with simplicity.

Good article G.

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