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My .02...
Sun Dec 20, 2015 18:59

Phuck Phacebook...never had it, never will...

  • Gawddamn it Tim, C'mon!mr z (michael zaputil), Fri Oct 2 00:12
    would it kill ya to just give it a try? I promise it will be worth your while, me and Paul(shovelin it) have been cursing yer name because you are so hard headed! I hearby give you a personal invite, ... more
    • My .02... — GROG X, Sun Dec 20 18:59
    • another z, Fri Oct 2 00:50
      Travis McCray(Reverand Tramp) is a full fledged Seedy Goon member there. Ya don't get more old time biker soul than him(or Scott) yet, there they are. And just so you know, JJ Solarie has a facebook... more
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