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kinda sorry this guy seems to be a douche
Sat Jan 30, 2016 19:42

The more he posts the more he seems like an opportunistic panty waste. This asshole needs to straighten up his act. Taking advantage of the people who have entrusted him w/their archives. Really makes me wish one of the big 4 from the Iron Horse years (Snow ,Phouts ,Noyes ,or Genghis ) had this history to give it the accounting and respect it deserves.

  • Straight Satans47str8leg, Sat Jan 23 13:10
    Go over to this instagram feed and see a treasure trove of this Venice Beach 1%'s M/C's history that was also intertwined w/Charles Manson ( That ultimately led to their loss of 1% charter and club... more
    • kinda sorry this guy seems to be a douche — 47str8leg, Sat Jan 30 19:42
    • Re: Straight SatansAnonymous, Sun Jan 24 00:07
      Where is the feed?
      • feed47str8leg, Sun Jan 24 04:21
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